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orbanner-21When you’re buying a new rug or getting rugs you currently own cleaned, You should consider padding. Rugs can slip around and be a bit of a hazard without padding underneath. Older pads start to crack, collect tons of dirt, and are difficult to clean. There are a few types of padding for different situations.

  • Teebaud- This is a thin pad with a very sticky back. It can be used for both carpet and hardwood floors. Made from a water-based adhesive it grips both the rug backing and the floor or carpet.
  • Wonderfirm- This is a ¼ in. pad with a felt top and a soft vinyl back. The vinyl back provides slip reduction.
  • Diplomat- A 32oz. pad with a nylon felt underlay. It acts as a cushion for area rugs. This pad Does not have non-skid functionality.

Let us know if you are interested in padding ahead of time allowing us to cut the pads to size. If we are delivering the pad with a rug it can be cut down when we lay it. If you are purchasing the pad to take home yourself then we need an exact size so we know it will fit under your rug.